Jasmine's second litter

G.Ch. Rojon's JasmineCh. Chimo's Stryker Of Orleans TX-CJasmine second litter pedigreeDay 21 - Ultrasound found 7 to 9 puppiesComing up on week 8 - the boys (Captain and Kovu) hang out at their favorite spot - while Jasmine glares (see next picture)Jasmine at week 8 - lost a bit of her tuck up. Here she is glaring at the boys (see previous picture).Puppies at the VET.Day 1: Puppies home from the VET getting their first mealJasmine and brindle boy - day 4Jasmine and the Fawn boy and one of the fawn girls (one week old)The kids at one week oldJasmie inspecting one of her puppies (one week old)Jessica with pups at 2 weekspuppies in holding box at 3 weeks oldFawn boy first encouter with a toy - 3 weeks oldSquirming puppy head shot (fawn girl) - close to 4 weeks oldMore head shots (fawn girl 2) - near 4 weeks oldFawn girl 3 near 4 weeks oldFawn boy near 4 weeks oldbrindle boy near 4 weeks oldpuppies relaxing on Jessica's leg and computer - near 4 weeks oldFirst feeding from bowels - week 4Puppies relaxing while whelping box is removed - 4 weeks5 weeks - first time outsideBrindle boy outside (5 weeks)5 weeks - checking in with Barb on first outside adventure5 weeks - brindle boy surveying the dog runWeek 6+: Brindle Boy looks at the world again.Week 6+ - just before cropping. Two pups ready to bounce on their mates!Week 6+: Red collar girl under the coffe table.Week 6+ : The puppies are doing well on stairs!Week 7: Puppies right after cropping. One of the few times they are holding stillWeek 7+: Green collar gril going for the food.Week 7+ : Pups in the run - looking for troubleJasmine 2012 puppies video - focused on weeks 6 to 8Happy puppy in Ausin Texas (9 weeks)Cheking out the new backyard in Austion (9 weeks)OK, its hot in Texas - so check out the car ACBrindle boy getting ready to fly to TexasAnd he is in his new home in San AntonioPuppy in Canada, surving her new realm (9 weeks)Puppy boy in Minnesota makes friends with his new room mate (9 weeks)And finds out the new room mate likes to playand playsLook - standing ears! Well, at least for awhileOff and running between ear tapingsVidia - at her home in colorado (August 2012)Brenin Taking one of several RWD May 2013Vidia takes a 4 pt major at the Denver specialtyVidia gets her second majorAri's first major at GDCWW Sept 2013Ari's second major, Gig Harbor 2013Vidia in Pueble Col.Vidia group 4 jan 2014Ari in Richland - Sept 2014Ari's 3rd major - GDCWW august 20142014 GDCA NationalsAri BISS March 2015

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