BBE GChB Teulu's Pride of Kovu, AOM                                                

BBE G Ch Teulu’s Pride of Kovu, AOMKovu at a few weeksJasmine, Nala, and Kovu at 4 monthsNala and Kovu at 4 monthsKovu with JasmineKovu (BOS) and Nala (BOB) in 4-6 month puppy group, Jan 2011 (4 months old)Kovu ay 4 monthsKovu at 6 monthsKovu and Nala, 6 monthsCaptain and KovuCaptain and KovuJasmine, Kovu, Nala - the puppies are 10 months oldKovu and Nala at 10 monthsJasmine and Kovu (10 months)Kovu at GDCA 2011 (13 months)BOS in WVGDC Sweeps, Jan 2012Kovu taking WD in Albany (and yes, the judge is rather tall)Kovu takes WD at the same show Nala finsihses (3/10/12)Kovu takes WD with Jessica handling while Barb is on holidayKovu taking a major (and BOW) at the same show that Nala got her G Ch. A sister brother act!BOS to his sisters's BOB - a good day!Nala and Kovu relaxing in the RVKovu took three BOW in a four day circuitWith this win, Kovu is left with one major to finish!Portland Jan 2013Porltand Jan 2013Portland Jan 2013Kovu Jan 2013Kovu has a great June in 2013!Kovu earns his B.B.E. ChampionshipLily and Kovu wating for pix taking at Timberline KC July 2013Kovu grand championship Richalnd sept 2013Brother, Sister, MomHeads anyone?1 march 20141 march 20141 march 2014Walla Walla April 2014walla walla april 2014Huricane Ridge show 2014Huricane Ridge show 2014Owner handler Group 2Kovu gets another Owner-Handler BOB2014 GDCA Nationals2014 GDCA NationalsKovu at 2014 GDCAKovu and Kiara at Rose City 2015BOB at Huircane Ridge 2015Kovu at Sammamish KCKovu finishes his Bronze GCh titleKovu - several SD and BOS since his BronzeKovu - and Kiara16 December 2016Kovu watching the yard from the upper deckIn loving memory of Kovu

Kovu is avaialble for stud services -frozen and possibly fresh chilled.  The most recent collections have yielded 90% motality, 90% normal, and multiple vials per collection.  Kovu is a puppy from  Jasmine and Stryker - a great combination.                                                                                                                                          © Teulu's Great Danes  2022