January 22, 2023:  We are publishing this new Teulu web site, even though there is still more work to be done. 

We did not show at the Washington custer due to Jessica’s judging assignments (including her last great Dane assignment as a provisional).  At the Rose City cluster (jan 19-22) Timon picked up 15 more grand champion points and 30 NOHS points.  Honey Trouble did not get points, but made fantastic progress in her show dog skills.   Ready to really compete!!    December 2022 was a fun month and Honey Trouble (call name Winnie) ended the year with three WB and 2 BOW at the Ridgefiled show in December.   

Otober 4, 2022: Busy two months. In August, Timon was awarded two SDs, two NOHS BOB, and a BOB. In September, Timon got three SDs in a large, strong specials ring (12D, 7B) to earn his GHCB title as well as another NOHS BOB.

16 July 2022: At the Washington Summer Cluster Timon added two SDs, a NOHS BOB, and a NOHS Gr 4 to his total.  Rhona earned a WB and BOW and missed a major when one entry was absent.  On to the next shows

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24 June 2022: Due to the cost of disel fuel, we are only averaging one show a month. Happily Timon and Rhona made it worthwhile for June. Timon added three SDs, two NOHS BOBs, and a NOHS Gr 2 and Gr 3. His sister Rhona won her classes and on the last day took BOS, NOHS BOB, and a NOHS Gr 2.

Teulu's Great Danes

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After 40 years in Great Danes, we began anew in 2006 with the acquisition and finishing of Ch. Rojon's Captain J followed by GCh. Rojon's Jasmine, and Ch. Rojon's Augustus.  

We began our life in Danes with Ch. Lincoln's Jager Von Zarik (Jake), who went on to be a BIS and BISS winner.  But from the start, Danes were part of our family - and that has continued to today.  The next pivotal event was the addition of Rojon’s-Winhurst Captain J to our family. Without Captain we would not have reset and begun Teulu’s Great Danes.

As for the larger word of dog showing and breeding, all three of us (Tom, Barbara, Jessca) are members and officers of the Gig Harbor Kennel Club.  All three of us are also members of the Great Dane Club of America and Candian Kennel Club and recoginzed as AKC breeders of merit.  Jessica is taking the family involement furhter in the AKC and has her AKC judging licenses for all breed Junior Handling and Great Danes with plans to add mroe breeds to her approved list in the near future. She also has been judging obiedience and junior handling for the 4H for more than 15 years.

Teulu is the Welsh word for family - and we have chosen it to reflect both our Welsh heritage and the commitment of our entire family to this breed. Our Logo ( on the left side of this page) depicts Jake and reflects the beginnings of our life with Great Danes.

Jasmine whelped her first litter in September 2010 and began our new line - Teulu's Great Danes. Jasmine is shown above (on the right) with two of those first litter puppies (Bred by exhibitor G Ch Teulu’s Pride of kovu on the left, and G Ch. Teulu’s Nala of the Wild center). Check out the pages on this site for other puppies from Jasmine and her daughter Nala. We are most pleased that Jasmine has 4 champions of record to date and more close to finishing.

We fully support the AKC code of Sportsmanship in addition to the expectations of being an AKC Breeder of Merit.

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