December 27, 2023:  Two more liters are planned and Misty did whelp a puppy  -  Arthur.   He will start selected showing in March 2024.

September 19, 2023.  Our wonderful retired Broadway has passed away after an unsuccessful attempt to control a liver infection.  The planned breeding between him and Rhona will continue using stored semen.  It was a great loss to our family.  He was not only an exceptional show dog, but more important he was an outstanding companion dog and nanny to Jessica’s daughter (Amelia) from her day of birth to now - 17 months of joy between dog and child.  More information can be found on Jessica’s facebook page

 September 11 2023.  Misty was bred as planned, conceived 4 embryos, but there were reabsorbed in utero.  But one puppy, a male fawn, was born - and we expect him to be a very good dog indeed.  Hence he will be staying in our kennels.  We will start a new web page for him soon (Teulu’s Arthur, Once and Future King)

Our Brindle GCHB Timon has been retired from conformation and is getting back into Rally.  He just started this shift in emphasis in April 2023 and still managed to end up as Number 18 in the Great Dane Club of America rally stats for 2023.  That means he is in the invitational list for the 2023 national specality.  Sadly, due to expected puppies, we are not planning on attending the national this year.

Timon’s sister Rhona also added to her wins with WB and a WB/BOS to here total.

Honey Trouble also attended a few shows and won another WB ribbon and added a WB/BOS the next day

January 22, 2023:  We are publishing this new Teulu web site, even though there is still more work to be done. 

We did not show at the Washington custer due to Jessica’s judging assignments (including her last great Dane assignment as a provisional).  At the Rose City cluster (jan 19-22) Timon picked up 15 more grand champion points and 30 NOHS points.  Honey Trouble did not get points, but made fantastic progress in her show dog skills.   Ready to really compete!!    December 2022 was a fun month and Honey Trouble (call name Winnie) ended the year with three WB and 2 BOW at the Ridgefiled show in December.   

CH Chimo's Stryker Of Orleans TX-C


GCh. Rojon's Jasmine

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