Jasmine’s First litter 

Jasmine, Nala, and Kovu at 4 monthsJasmine and BarbStryker and SharonJasmine first litter PedigreeJasmine and Stryker get acquintedDay 23 - yes there are puppiesJasmine week 8Jasmine at home after emergency C section - September 19, 2010Puupies at 3 daysPuppy at 3 daysCaptain checks out the puppiesJasmine and puppy Sept 24Puppies Sept 27October 1 2010puppy heads Oct 10, 2010Brindle puppy head Oct 10, 2010Nala learning to eat - Oct 11, 2010Nala and Jessica, Oct 16, 2010Exploring the kennel, Oct 19, 2010Nala surveying her realmJasmine greets Kovu on his first trip outsideKovu exploring the houseKovu prior to croppingNala before croppingRey before croppingHurc before croppingKovu evaluated at 8 weeksNala evaluated at 8 weeksRey evaluated at 8 weeksHurc evaluated at 8 weeksHurc & BillieKovu and NalaKovu, Rey, and Nala at playNala and Kovu know where to goKovu and JasmineLike mom, like sonNala and KovuHurc and Ella (at his home in Canada)Rey wiht toys at his new home in ColoradoKovu and Nala at 4-6 month puppy group at Rose City - just 4 months Nala took BOB, Kovu BOSNala and Kovu at 4 monthsRey at 5 monthsRey getting ready to showNala and Kovy at restCaptain and Kovu playingRey Best in Sweeps (from 6-9 month class)Rey best puppy winNala's first major from 6-9 month puppy classKovu, Nala, and Hurc at 7 monthsJasmine, Kovu, Nala (pups at 10 months)Nala takes best puppy group at 10 monthsHurc takes his first points from the puppy classRey gets his first majorRey going BOWNala goes WB from 9-12 class5 pt major from at 16 monthsKovu goes BOS in sweeps at 16 months at WVGDC (he was not shown for many months due to an injury)Nala gest 5 pt major at WVGDC at 16 months

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