In loving memory of Kovu

Kovu head pop.jpeg

The following remembernece of Kovu was written by Jessica on behalf of the entire Lewellen family..

On 31 January 2019,  we had to let our sweet lazy boy cross to the other side as he was held in the arms of our family on his final step to walk on the other side of the veil. You will be missed greatly my sweet Kovu doggie. I am so thankful that Michael was there with mom, dad, and I to join us in surrounding Kovu with love. I look back on Kovu's rich life and so many incredible memories warm my heart.

I remember Kovu as a puppy with his first time going out into the dog run. He sat on the porch looked at the gravel, looked up at the humans, harrumphed and sat his butt down on the porch distinctly saying that the gravel was a dumb idea. Of course he got over that, but when it was raining in the dog run he would flately refuse to get his feet wet. The only dog I have ever seen go potty off the end of his porch while keeping all his body under the roof of the porch. Kovu was fundamentally opposed to work and the number of ways that he worked to ensure he would not have to work will always bring me smiles even through the tears. Kovu's personality will always loom large in my heart and his vocalublary springs to mind when I think on his life. Dad's phrase of "Tell me what you want" and Kovu clearly directing him to exactly what Kovu desired will always make me chuckle. From his pupacino latte's (whipped cream in a cup) to his play pounce whirls with a toy in his mouth he had a goofy fun side that will enhance heaven with his beauty.

I think on the beauty and majesty that we could pull out of him in the show ring and my smile sneaks out as I remember each of us having our experience in lifting his "30,000 ton" head. But the memories that I will cherish most are ones that I know will speak to mom and dad as well. I will forever remember Kovu nudging each of our sides on the bed when he wanted to come up and snuggle. He would lay along the entire length of my body and put his head under my chin. Then he would give me that loving sweet look that was so very special to Kovu. Yes he could manipulate with cunning accuracy for his perfect cookie or ride in the car. Yes he was stubborn as all get out and a major character at every turn. But I know our boy is now in heaven warming the great beyond with a sweetness that radiates warmer than any fire ever could. Rest in peace my sweet Kovu and I know that you walk along side us all on the other side of the veil.                                                                                                                                          © Teulu's Great Danes  2018